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History of Bogwood

At the end of the last glaciation almost 10’000 years ago, Ireland was covered by shallow lakes left behind by the melting ice. Over time these shallow lakes gradually filled with peat, which is the soil made up of the partially decomposed remains of dead plants.

Oak and yew trees grew around the edges of the bogwood and were drowned as the bogs expanded out of their basins, on to the surrounding mineral soil. The lack of oxygen in the waterlogged peat prevented the natural process of decay and ensured the trees stumps were preserved in the accumulating peat.

The three main types of wood found  preserved in bogs today are: Scots Pine, Oak and Yew.

The can be from 4’000 – 7’000 years old. 

With the advent of turf production and land drainage these ancient Bogwoods can be found. we gather these Bogwoods of oak and yew from the peat lands of Ireland and take them back to our studio where they go through a slow process of drying.

It is from these beautiful trees that adorned our Irish landscape 5’000 years ago, that we carefully craft princes for the modern living space.


Celtic Bogwoods & Bogoak


Within our craft we combine these ancient materials to craft a range of unique products for all occasions. Nothing brings us more pride then combining our skill with Irish heritage to mark occasions that will live on in memory just like the ancient bog oak itself.

Bog Oak Clock
Bog Oak Flame Award
Large Bog Oak Flame Award
Bog Oak Cufflinks

Ancient Bogland


Ireland is host to a number of ancient bogland that has been cultivated for its richness. This lands are also home to ancient bog oak which we use to craft beautiful gifts right here in Cork.

Ancient Bogoak.